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Did you know that one accident occurs every 15 minutes in the U.S.? Motor vehicle accidents take the lead when it comes to mishaps in an individual’s life outdoors, and the results are often severe. If you are wondering about finding a reputable car accident clinic near me, the search should not be a challenging one. In addition to property damage, damage to self is prevalent in case of a serious accident, leaving the affected person with an injury that can have a lasting effect without proper medical care.
If you are looking for an accident doctor NJ with experience in various kinds of accident injuries, we’re here to help. At Injury Care Center Of North Jersey, we specialize in treating various injuries—including those that occur via accidents.

Accident Doctor – Specialized Medical Care For All Injuries

Never delay prompt medical care after an accident, even if you have been in a small one. Seeking specialized medical care is the key to avoiding any long-term effects. Even something as simple as banging your knee against the dash—and not getting it checked and taken care of at a good auto accident clinic—can affect the knee cap and joint in the long run. There are many such examples of what seem to be minor bodily harm that worsens over time without immediate, proper medical care.
At Injury Care Center, we not only have accident doctors available round-the-clock but also provide meticulous medical care. Even if you feel fine and have no apparent injuries, you should visit our specialist. Some injuries become evident later and last long. We have state-of-the-art medical equipment and skilled medical professionals you need to recover soundly.

Injury Care Doctor

Common Accident Injuries That Require Medical Attention

There are many different kinds of injuries that result due to accidents—particularly auto accidents. At Injury Care Center, we have highly experienced car accident doctors for auto accident injuries. They can provide you with complete medical attention for all kinds of injuries. We've listed some of the common auto injuries that arise from auto accidents, and you show head to the injury care clinic if you experience any of these.

  • Back Pain
  • Broken Bones
  • Contusions
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Leg Pain
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Neck Pain
  • Numbness
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Soreness
  • Spasms
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Tension
  • Tingling
  • Whiplash

Whether your injury is severe enough to encumber your ability to move or small enough that you can move and function but with slight discomfort—you need immediate attention. And as far as accident injury is concerned, you need a specialized auto accident injury doctor.

How Our Accident Doctors Proceed With Care

At Injury Care Center Of New Jersey, we take swift action in case of an accident injury. Our accident doctor will take all the necessary steps to provide you with exact and complete medical care.
In order to receive the best possible post-accident medical evaluation from the auto accident clinic, you also need to be aware of the details of your accident. Keeping all your medical information recorded in one place is a smart move and will help eliminate the initial step of accurate medical care.
Additionally, gather information recorded during and after the accident, especially any details concerning trauma to your body. As per standard procedure, our accident injury doctor will ask you questions about what impact your body went through—and the more first-hand account of the accident they receive, the better care they can provide.
Make sure you tell any and all problems with your health you experience, including any impairments you've had before the accident. Common effects felt by individuals in an accident include but are not limited to dizziness, tingling sensation, muscle weakness and paralysis, numbness, nausea and vomiting, and loss of bladder or bowel control. While some of these symptoms will be apparent in the initial evaluation, you should list all the problems you face regardless to our accident doctor.
At our auto accident clinic, thoroughness is the basis of the care we provide. The doctor will review your medical history, including any past accident injury history. The next step is a physical examination, which includes balance and movement testing and hands-on assessment.
You will be submitted for diagnostic testing at the lab in our auto accident clinic. X-Rays, MRIs, and other tests are given according to a patient's initial evaluation and their own account of the symptoms they feel. These tests help confirm a diagnosis as well as rule out possibilities. A thorough exam and testing process is invaluable for getting you the right diagnosis and treatment.

Why Choose Us When Looking For Auto Accident Doctor Near Me

Looking for trusted accident injury doctors near me? Car collisions and other auto accidents can be a severe experience for anyone involved, both physically and mentally. And accidents often occur, resulting in serious short and long-term problems.
Escaping an auto accident without losing one’s life is fortunate, but the unfortunate part is the injury, pain, and disability one has to live with. Proper and prompt medical care is the means to minimize and even eliminate even the most serious pains and problems—which is exactly why each accident doctor New Jersey at Injury Care Center focuses on optimal medical care.
When it comes to trauma and impact because of an accident, not just any physician can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment. You need a specialized physician, one who deals with injuries due to auto accidents. Our accident doctors can uncover injuries you've sustained during a crash or collision. Our doctors and other staff are licensed to treat auto injuries. With nearly ten years of focusing on accident injuries, we are your trusted means to access a licensed and experienced accident doctor NJ.

Our Accident Doctors Are Here To Help…

Your search for injury doctors near me in N.J. ends here. With our network of licensed accident and trauma physicians, we provide medical care for injuries sustained in car crashes and collisions with complete support for insurance claims.
Each accident doctor New Jersey treats accident injuries ranging from mild to severe, with high-quality care accessible to anyone. At Injury Care Center, we offer walk-ins and same-day appointments, as well as transportation to and from our clinic.
Call us today if you have been in an accident. Our accident doctors and medical staff are ready to help!