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Sport Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are virtually inevitable for many athletes and can often linger into the future if not treated correctly. Consequently, sports injuries the proper diagnosis and treatment in order to ensure a full recovery. Moreover, proper care can also decrease the likelihood of future injuries, allowing athletes to work toward their full potential. The providers at Injury Care Center use an integrated approach to sports medicine. This approach centers around relieving pain while restoring health and function to the body, rather than recommending surgery or prescription drugs. We’ve treated athletes at the youth, high school, college, and professional levels, using multiple modalities to create personalized plans of care.

Sports Medicine at Injury Care Center

Because sports injuries can occur to virtually any part of the body, our providers have experience treating a variety of conditions. First, we will have each new patient in for an initial evaluation to diagnose the nature of the issue. After analyzing the patient’s condition, we will create a personalized plan of care designed to treat the issue effectively and efficiently. Some of the most common sports injuries our providers treat include (but are not limited to)

  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain

Plans of care vary depending on both the diagnosis and the nature of the condition. Some issues heal more quickly with proper treatment, although others require a long-term approach. The patient’s compliance and response to treatment are two important factors that can have a significant impact in this regard.

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