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Auto Accident Injuries

When you have been in a car accident, you may think you are fine. However, after a period of time, you may notice pain and dysfunction that indicates your injury goes deeper than you suspected. Chiropractors recommend individuals who have been in an auto accident make an appointment to get an evaluation to detect hidden injuries that could impact your physical function. Injury Care Center offers a variety of treatment for auto accident injuries to help patients return to their normal activities.

Common Injuries That Occur in Auto Accidents

Impacts to the head are among the most serious of auto accident injuries, but airbags have been successful in preventing many of these problems. In many crashes, whiplash, jaw dysfunction, back injuries and arm or leg injuries are involved. Side impacts can affect hip function. In other cases, ankle injuries may occur. These problems can be minor or severe, but generally, require treatment to reduce discomfort and help strengthen internal structure to restore normal use.

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If you have been in a car accident, or any type of vehicle collision, you may well be experiencing back pain. Sometimes this starts straight after the accident, but in other cases, you may not start experiencing symptoms until hours, days or even several weeks later. In fact, it is not at all unusual for injury-pain caused by a car crash to be delayed for some time. There are often reports of people who have walked away from the scene of an accident seeming virtually unscathed, but who have been found requiring urgent medical treatment just a short while later. Often this is due to the adrenaline that will inevitably be rushing around your body, which masks symptoms such as pain.


There are lots of different injuries that can be sustained during a car accident, and back pain is an extremely likely side effect. There can be a variety of reasons why you suddenly begin to experience back pain after your collision. These include:


Whiplash is used to describe back, shoulder and neck pain that occurs when your head is quickly snapped in one direction, which often happens when you are involved in a sudden impact, or even just when harsh braking is needed.

Herniated or bulging disc

Another common cause of back pain after a car accident is problems with your intervertebral discs. These are the soft, spongy cushions between the bones of your spine that absorb impacts and enable you to bend and twist. A sudden impact may cause a disc to push out of its usual position. This can trigger the person to suffer from intense pain and limited mobility. Alternatively, the disc may become damaged and rupture, causing the gel inside to leak out and irritate the surrounding nerves.

Muscle, ligament and nerve pain

Your back and neck contain an array of muscles, ligaments and nerves. If any of these become damaged during a car accident, it may cause you to experience varying degrees of pain.

Bone fractures and facet join injuries

Bone fractures can occur as a result of a sudden impact. Facet joints are the bony protrusions in the spinal column that prevent over-twisting or over-extension of the spine. These too can become damaged in the course of a vehicle collision.

How can chiropractic care after a car accident help?

Visiting a chiropractor may not be your first consideration when it comes to getting help for your back pain after a car accident. However, an experienced chiropractor can help heal the injuries that you have sustained, as well as working towards preventing any future complications from arising.

Make Injury Care Center Your Auto Injury Chiropractor

At Injury Care Center, our team of chiropractors use their extensive knowledge of techniques and many years of experience to provide effective treatment for patients with auto accident injuries in NJ and surrounding communities. We can offer a variety of treatment modalities that help to relieve discomfort and restore normal function after an impact injury.